Net Word S

1st Call for Grants

First NetWordS Call for Grants

Awarded Project Proposals

NAME Affiliation TO Project proposal TITLE type
Alessandro Lenci - University of Pisa - Italy University of Stuttgart - Germany Distributional models of paradigmatic semantic relations short visit

Basilio Calderone - CNRS/ Université de Toulouse -France

Chiara Celata - Scuola Normale Superiore - Italy

University of Vienna - Austria Phonotactic effects on morphological structure - psycho-computational studies on italian, french, english and german short visit
Anne Przewozny, Philip Carr, Steven Moore - CLLE-ERSS, Toulouse II University - France University of Manchester - UK Language, urban life, work and identity in Manchester short visit
Dirk Koester - Bielefeld University - GERMANY University of Sussex - UK The neural basis of internal word structure: integrating temporal and neuroanatomical characterictics of compound word processing short visit
Martin Schäfer - Universität Jena - Germany Anglia Ruskin University -UK Complex words and semantic transparency short visit
Davide Crepaldi - University of Milano Bicocca - Italy Ghent University - Belgium A cross-linguistic topographic map of the human lexicon short visit
Harald Hammarström - Radboud Universiteit - The Netherland LLACAN- CNRS Paris - France Empirical Research on word structure across languages short visit
Anne-Katharina Ochsenbauer - München University - Germany CNRS/Univ Paris -France /  Academy of Sciences Vienna- Austria Morpho-syntax and semantics of spatial expression: typological and developmental perspective short visit
Cristina Soriano - University of Geneva - Switzerland Lund University - Sweden Meaning structure in emotion words short visit
Laila Kjærbæk - University of Southern Denmark - Denmark Austrian Academy of Sciences - Austria Emergence of noun plurals in children acquiring danish and german as L1 short visit
Mark Lindsay - Stony Brook University - USA CLLE-ERSS-Univ Toulouse - France Investingation of Morphological productivity using the www short visit
Juhani Järvikivi - Norwegian University - Norway University Tübingen - Germany Modeling pseudo complex words using discriminative learning short visit
Marie-Aude Lefer - Collège Erasme - Belgium University of Geneva - Switzerland Negative affixes in english, french and italian: a corpus-based contrastive approach short visit
Sabine Laaha - Academy of Sciences - Austria University of Antwerp - Belgium Plural formation in typical vs handicapped acquisition short visit

Maja Andel - University of Zagreb - Croatia

Petar Milin - University of Novi Sad - Serbia

University of Novi Sad -Serbia                         University of Zagreb - Croatia The role of inflectional complexity in language processing short visit
Manuel Perez - Université de Toulouse - France UNSW - Australia Can ITCs take place in the handwriting learning? Graphic norms and ortographic forms acquisition short visit
Simone Sulpizio - University of Trento - Italy University of Athens -Greece Word suffixes and stress assignment in reading exchange visit
Geraldine Walther - University Paris Diderot - France University of Surrey - UK Towards a formal model for Canonical Typology exchange visit
Maria Bronk - Westfälische Wilhelms Univ - Germany University of Helsinki -Finland Compound processing - a cross-linguistic perspective exchange visit
Katja Poellmann - Max Planck Institute - The Netherlands Universität Tübingen - Germany Recognizing morphologically complex words: challenge of stylistic and regional variation exchange visit
Amir Kapetanović - Inst. of Croatian Language and Liguistics - Croatia M. P. Institute/Gutenberg Univ - Germany Medieval conceptions of time and old croatian verb lexical aspect in the slavic context exchange visit
Valeria Bandecchi - University College Dublin - Ireland ISTC-CNR - Italy Manner of Motion as Embodied concept: Evidence in Italian and English exchange visit
Bernadet Jager - University of Aberdeen - UK University of Turku - Finland Word lenght effects on eye movement of Finnish speakers reading compunds exchange visit
Yael Weiss - University of Haifa - Israel ISTC-CNR - Italy A behavioral and neuroimaging study of the effects of orthographic transparency and morphological structure on reading in adults with and without dyslexia exchange visit
Rok Zaucer - University of Nova Gorica - Slovenia University of Patras - Greece Internal and external prefixation: approaching theoretical postulates through a psycolinguistic experiment exchange visit