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4th NetWordS Calls for Grants

Project proposal submissions

Short Visit Grants

NetWordS invites proposals for travel grants for short visits (up to 15 days) to support collaborative, interdisciplinary research in Europe on word structure, word acquisition and word processing.

Short visits are intended to promote intensive collaborative work involving two research teams from different countries, focusing on interdisciplinary collaborative activities geared towards the following short- and mid-term objectives:

NetWordS final conference (Pisa, March 30th – April 1st 2015)

NetWordS joint editorial initiatives  

NetWordS follow-up project initiatives.


Priority will be given to those proposals that are shown to be connected with other companion proposals, thus being part of a larger effort which is demonstrably connected with the above mentioned NetWordS 2015 objectives. Proposals need to involve at least one applicant from a research institution/laboratory that is already connected through NetWordS.

Reimbursement of travel expenses will be administered through the ESF. Short Visit Grants cover actual travel expenses up to a maximum of 500 EUR per participating site, plus a per diem of 85 EUR.*

Applications should include the following items:

- a description of the project work (max 5000 characters) and the aim of the visit

- short CV of applicant (max 10000 characters), including a list of the most relevant publications (max 5)

- researcher(s) involved and the research institution to be visited

- proposed dates and estimated travel costs.*



In compliance with ESF guidelines, preference will be given to interdisciplinary projects involving researchers from countries with ESF member organisations contributing to this networking program, but proposals involving a non-contributing country will also be considered. A list of NetWordS contributing countries is available at


Due to budget constraints, upon receiving notification of acceptance of their proposal, applicants could be invited to curtail duration of their visits.


Applications should exclusively be submitted through the on-line application form available on the Call page at from August 11th, 2014.


Deadline for applications: September 30th 2014, h 17:00 (CET).

Notification of results: October 20th, 2014.




* For more details see: uploads/NetWordS/RNP_guidelines_APPENDIX_F.pdf