Net Word S

1st Summer School

Dubrovnik 1st NetWordS Summer School

2nd - 6th July 2012

Interdisciplinary approaches to exploring the mental lexicon



Scientific Report

Neuro- and Psycho-linguistic protocols for exploring the mental lexiconNicola Molinaro
Kepa Paz-Alonso
Statistics in psycholinguistic inquiryFermin Moscoso, Petar Milin
Construction-based and paradigm-based approaches to word structureGeert Booij
James Blevins
Phonology-morphology interaction: inter-disciplinary evidenceSabine Arndt-Lappe
Morphological Compounding: theoretical and cognitive implications for the grammar architectureSergio Scalise
Gary Libben
Corpus-based approaches to word structureGero Kunter
Exemplar-based versus abstractionist models of word processingColin Davis
Antal van den Bosch
Psycho-computational models of lexical storage and accessVito Pirrelli
Hélène Giraudo
Word Recognition and ProductionJon Andoni Duñabeitia
Niels Janssen
Cognitive linguistic and psychological perspectives on lexical semanticsReka Benczes
David Vinson
Distributional approaches to word meaningMagnus Sahlgren, Alessandro Lenci
Morphological constraints on orthographic processingJonathan Grainger
Reading: cognitive processes and neural pathwaysManuel Carreiras
The Geometry of Meaning: Semantics Based on Conceptual SpacesPeter Gärdenfors