Net Word S

2nd Summer School

Trondheim 2nd NetWordS Summer School

4th - 9th August 2014

Words: structure, meaning, acquisition, processing



List of courses

School programme

Scientific Report

Fundamental issues in Theoretical MorphologyAntonio Fábregas
Issues in Morpho-phonologyIngo Plag
Lexical semanticsCarita Paradis
Semantics and word formationPaolo Acquaviva
Morphology in language contactFrancesco Gardani
The acquisition of morphologyDorit Ravid
Morphological processingMartina Penke
Aspects of bilingual lexical processingHélène Giraudo & Madeleine Voga
Statistics for newbiesMelanie Bell
Naïve Discriminative LearningHarald Baayen
Computational morphology for newbies: automata and hierarchical lexicaGábor Prószéky
Connectionist architectures for lexical modellingClaudia Marzi & Marcello Ferro
Obtaining behavioural data for lexical researchEmmanuel Keuleers
Neurolinguistic issues in lexical access and organisationMila Vulchanova & Vito Pirrelli
evening lecturespeakermaterials
Implicit Morphology: a computational model of morphological processing grounded in discrimination learningHarald Baayen
Repositioning Pragmatics in the Interpretation of Grammatical ConstructionsMilena Žic Fuchs