Net Word S

3rd NetWordS Workshop

3rd NetWordS Workshop

Variation and Adaptation in Lexical Processing and Acquisition

Dubrovnik (Croatia), 19th - 20th September 2013





Scientific Report

Towards capturing latent conceptual spacesVedran Galetić
The OpenLexicons Project - Development and Uses of Subtlex-Corpora for Investigating Sound Symbolism and Brazilian PortugueseKevin Tang
The Sources of Non-Concatenative Morphology in Diachronic ChangeStephen Anderson
Suffix ordering in Italian and Russian: A cognitive approachStela Manova
Semantically-conditioned two-suffix constructions in English and BulgarianAleksandra Bagasheva
Constructional effects on prepositional antonymyDaniela Katunar
Language use and the architecture of grammar: a Construction Morphology perspectiveGeert Booij
Variation in MorphologyAngela Ralli
Adaptation Effects in Lexical ProcessingChristina L. Gagné, Thomas L. Spalding
New language resources, tools and services for morphological processingMarko Tadić
Against homophony: the acoustics of English {s} morphemesIngo Plag
Diachronic Variation in Danish MorphologyHanne Ruus
Morphology Acquisition with Naive Discriminative LearningPetar Milin
On memory and computation: a reappraisal of German noun plural inflectionClaudia Marzi
A psycho-computational view on wordlikenessEmmanuel Keuleers, Marcello Ferro
The LangEqual projectMila Vulchanova, Wolfgang Dressler